Nevada Certified Applicator FAQ

Nevada and federal laws require that only certified applicators apply or supervise the application of Restricted-Use Pesticides (RUP). Nevada Certified Pesticide Applicators (RUP certificate holders) must recertify every four years from the date of initial certification. The following are frequently asked questions regarding Nevada Certified Pesticide Applicators:

How do I become a Nevada Certified Applicator?

To become certified in Nevada applicators must pass an exam which is administered by the Department of Agriculture.

How do I schedule an exam to become a Nevada Certified Applicator?

Exams may be scheduled by contacting any Nevada Department of Agriculture office.

What should I study to be prepared for my exam?

The Nevada Department of Agriculture recommends studying the National Core and National Soil Fumigation manuals. We offer an online exam prep program based on the National Core manual that includes practice exam questions to help you gauge your test readiness.

I’ve passed my exam, what now?

Once you pass your exam, you should fill out the application for restricted use pesticide certification (find it under the Applications section). Once complete, submit and any required fees to your local Department of Agriculture office.

How do I renew my Nevada applicator certification?

Each four year renewal cycle you will need to complete one of two activities—either take and pass another exam, or complete 12 hours of state approved continuing education.

Do the 12 CEU’s need to be on specific topics?

Yes, at least 2 of the CEU’s must be on topics regarding pesticide laws. The rest may be on laws or more general topics relating to the application of pesticides.

Who can I contact with further questions?

Contact the Nevada Department of Agriculture. Their main phone number is (775) 353-3601.