California DPR Encouraging Early Certification Renewal

This year, the California Department of Pesticide Regulation (DPR) is pushing an “Early Renewal Reminder” campaign to minimize delays after a difficult 2020. 

Here’s a summary of what California pesticide applicators (or businesses) with names starting with M-Z need to know to make sure their licenses get renewed on time.

When to Renew

In 2020, the DPR reported that they received a higher proportion of renewal applications later in the renewal season, causing a backlog of applications, longer processing times, and some licensees experiencing a lapse in license renewal.

To make sure this situation doesn’t happen again, the DPR now recommends that you submit your renewal applications by October 1st, 2021.

“Submitting by October 1st allows time for all licenses to be processed earlier in the year, getting you your license sooner and allowing your business to register with the county (if applicable) before the new year is in full swing,” the DPR said in a statement. 

While you can still submit your renewal by the December 31st deadline to avoid any late fees, the DPR advises that renewals take time to process, and waiting until the last minute will mean getting your license “much later in the new year than you would like”.

If you are renewing a Pest Control Business license, the DPR recommends that the Qualified Person’s renewal be submitted simultaneously with the business renewal by October 1st.

How to Reduce Renewal Delays

To reduce delays in the processing of your renewal application, double-check the following:

  • You have appropriately signed your application
  • You have included any supplementary records required before mailing the packet 
  • If you are renewing an individual license or certificate, confirm that you have met or exceeded all continuing education requirements
  • If you are renewing a Pest Control Business license, confirm that your Qualified Person is renewed and that there is current liability information for the business on file with the DPR. 

When you are sure that your application packet is complete, mail it to DPR: 

Department of Pesticide Regulation 

Attn: Cashier MS-4A 

P.O. Box 4015 Sacramento, CA 95812-4015 

*Note: The California Licensing and Certification Program moved offices in May 2020, and cannot accept hand-delivered applications.

How Long Until I Get My Renewed License? 

According to the DPR, it takes up to 60 days for your application to be processed completely and your license to renew if you submit it by October 1st. It can take 75 days or more if you submit your renewal in late December. 

The DPR also states that mailing times vary, and postal service delays such as those experienced in 2020 can delay your renewal getting to them; so the earlier you complete your continuing education (CE), the better.

Once you mail your application packet, the DPR says you should monitor your bank or credit card records to ensure that your renewal application arrived. Payment clearing is proof that the DPR has received your application and processing has started. Remember, the DPR processes applications in the order they are received.

Now that your renewal deadline is effectively October 1st instead of December 31st, don’t wait to finish your CE! Our online courses are built to fit around busy schedules. Click here to get started!

For additional information about the DPR Licensing and Certification Program, click here.